Gastronomic Experience in Fukuoka!

In recent years, Fukuoka City has emerged as one of the top cities in livability rankings. Not only is it equipped with basic infrastructure such as easy access from the airport to the city center and compact urban functions, but it also boasts a rich availability of fresh food, a vital element that people have felt the livability of the city since ancient times when Chikushi no Kuni (Fukuoka) was thriving.

Surrounded by the Genkai Sea, Suo Sea, and Ariake Sea, Fukuoka Prefecture is known as the kingdom of seafood, boasting the highest handling volume of major fish markets in the country. Depending on the season, you can enjoy a wide variety of fish. Additionally, the Chikugo River, one of Japan's three major rivers, historically experienced frequent flooding, which brought fertile mud from upstream, enriching the soil for fields and crops. As a result, rice, wheat, and vegetables thrived in this land. Taro, an essential ingredient in "Gama-ni" (Chikuzen stew), is also abundant here. The abundant food culture born from the richness of both the sea and land laid the foundation for the development of Hakata, the commercial hub. Furthermore, Hakata, which has developed as a commercial hub since ancient times, was also active in foreign trade. Udon, soba, and manju, which are now enjoyed nationwide in Japan, originated from Shoutenji in Hakata. From the noodle culture including udon and soba to the ramen culture, diverse and rich food cultures have flourished in Hakata. Why not experience the gourmet city of Fukuoka, where a variety of delicious foods are nurtured?

At our guesthouse, we also offer introductions to recommended local shops and workshop events(Irregularly events), as we are locals ourselves. We would be delighted to assist our guests in enjoying Fukuoka even more.

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