Uminonakamichi Marine Park and Shikanoshima Island

Located about a 25-minute walk from our guesthouse, you'll find Marizon, from where you can take a boat across the sea to reach Uminonakamichi. Uminonakamichi is home to leisure facilities such as an aquarium, an amusement park, and the bustling Sunshine Pool during the summer months. Additionally, you'll find flower beds that change with the seasons, cycling paths, and a day campsite (BBQ area), making it a place where you can experience nature and escape from the ordinary.

As you pass through Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, you'll see Shikanoshima Island, which is a rare land-tied island nationally. Historically positioned at the entrance to Hakata Bay, Shikanoshima Island prospered as a strategic point for maritime transportation and is also known for the discovery of the historically significant gold seal. Furthermore, Shikanoshima Island is home to Shikaumi Shrine, known as the "headquarters of the sea god," where you can find the Prefectural Important Cultural Property, the treasure pagoda, and the first stone monument of Manyoshu poems within its grounds. In addition to enjoying its history, you can also indulge in fresh seafood from the Genkai Sea and even go surfing.

Visiting Uminonakamichi and Shikanoshima Island, where you can immerse yourself in history and enjoy meals and leisure activities while experiencing the scenery of Hakata Bay and the sea breeze, is worth extending your journey from Fukuoka City.

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