Fukuoka City Round Trip

From our guesthouse, it takes about 8 minutes by the municipal subway airport line from Nishijin Station, which is less than a 1-minute walk away, to reach Tenjin Station, and about 13 minutes to reach Hakata Station. In the Tenjin area, you can enjoy shopping and dining, while in Nakasu and Hakata areas, you can also experience history and culture. Additionally, if you get off at Ohori Koen Station, two stops before Tenjin, you can explore Ohori Park, a popular leisure spot for Fukuoka citizens, as well as the City Art Museum and Japanese garden. Furthermore, just two stops west of Nishijin Station, you'll find the Muromi River and Atago Shrine, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Within walking distance of our guesthouse, Momochihama area offers the Fukuoka City Museum, showcasing historical artifacts such as the gold seal excavated from Shikanoshima, making it an excellent spot to learn about Fukuoka City's history.

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